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Prevent autocalendar within in auto-generate script

Is there a way to keep the auto-generated section, but not have it include the creation of the autocalendar logic?

My understanding is that once you "unlock" the auto-generated script you can no longer use data manager to maintain tables and associations.  However, I want to use data manager to manage tables, but I need to customize the autocalendar. 

I added a section in script editor to "drop table autocalendar" then add my own autocalendar definition.  However, this results in

The error occurred here: DROP TABLES statement.

Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again.

If I add a autocalendar1 instead, I get doubled up feilds like "autocalendar.Year" and "autocalendar1.Year"

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Have you tried to change the field type of your date field in data manager to something different than 'Date' type?

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Are you suggesting that I edit the fields that are being derived to not be date, then the auto calendar wont be created...thus I can just make make own calendar in script?

If that is right....I just tried and In data manager I am unable to adjust the type. see screen shot for what I see.  Other fields in the table give a drop down with field type values of "general", "timestamp", "date".

My immediate need, but I was asking more generically, that I need a "hour" field for the autocalendar i.e. "Hour($1) AS [Hour] Tagged ('$axis', '$date', '$qualified');"  but since I can't edit the autogenerated section, I thought if I could not have table made and then I do it in script that would solve it.



You may try creating calculated field using 'Add field/Calculated field' in data manager.  It appears true that once you unlock the script, data manager becomes almost mute.