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Print ComboChart with scrollbar

Hello Community,

I have created a combo chart. To see the historical values I added a scroll bar. When viewed in the app it stays on the current value (always on the right position). But as soon as I insert this document into my report, the position of the scroll bar jumps to the far left position. Is there a way to fix the position when printing?

As an alternative I would need a formula that limits the dimension to the last twelve months. However, I have the problem that I need the previous values, because otherwise only the changes of the months will be shown... has anyone had an idea or experience with such a situation?

ComboChart in the App:


in report:






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Former Employee
Former Employee

@B_Fronius  I would venture you may need NPrinting in order to do that, and I am not even sure if it can handle that or not to be honest, but I am doubtful the Report Module can handle it unless you can use the pagination settings to page things and select just the page you need in that case is the only potential way I see to do it there.

You can also look around the Design Blog area too, might be something there to give you some further ideas potentially:


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To limit the dimension-values to a certain dataset and to show respectively to refer at the same time to excluded values could become quite difficult. Usually better is it to exclude unwanted dimension-values with the expressions. This might be an condition within the set analysis like ... {< Period = {">=$(max(Period)-12)"}> ... or with an if-loop like: if(Date >= today() -365, expr, null()) or with an appropriate flag within the datamodel.

Quite often it's useful not to export/print the normal objects else generating specialized one on an extra (hidden) sheet. Even if it's technically possible to include all requirements (usability for the users and exports/prints) within a single object it would minimize the efforts to create and maintain them.

An alternatively to the above mentioned conditions within the expressions you may also change the sort-order of the dimension-values so that the print-object even with the scroll on the left side showed your wanted view.

- Marcus