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Problem in aspect ratio while printing a sheet

Hi ,

          This is a simple problem which i am facing in qlikview  which is  currently i have a sheet which needs to be printed in A4 size paper as a report i put my efforts in designing the sheet  by taking 100% zoom setting and placing  the objects properly   but the problem here is when i  right click the sheet and print the sheet the print preview shows why entire sheet  small with respect to the papers all the tablular report are shown small  . I tried to solve this problem by  increasing the dimensions of all the objects and fonts then it show a proper print sheet preview but the problem is  the actual sheet is which is shown in the browser throught accesspoint each object in it becomes very large and its not presentable ! .

Is there any way by which i can print the sheet the with same dimensions as it viewed in Qlikview IDE or browser ?



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Tushar,

Maybe we are facing the same problem.

I develop with a 23inc monitor.

When I print the screen in full screen mode then the output is very small.

A work-around for us is: Resize te browser window when you print the sheet.

Kind regards,



This works when we change the window size but do you know any work around for web view report print size?

Save the settings for the Qlik reports size.