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Contributor III
Contributor III

Problem in guage chart


I have to show bandwidth utilization on sheet for each transponder using chart. There are 57 transponder in data. With field allocated_capacity and utilized_capacity.

I m placing 57 guage chart with hardcoding transponder-id and readings for each transponder. But problem arrives when user narrow down selection and some chart shows bad min value in guage and looks of sheet went offward. 

Is there any other way to represent  it?



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Contributor III
Contributor III


 for reference and better understanding


Not sure how many error conditions are possible, but for one, if the user selection is such that NO U_CAPACITY values corresponding to TRANS_ID=29 and PRODUCT_NAME=C-BAND exit (meaning sum({<TRANS_ID={29},PRODUCT_NAME={'C-BAND'}>}) = 0), you may get this error.

The issue is then likely related to the Max value in the Presentation tab. If so, there are several solutions, depending on your need/preference:

  1. You can add a 'Calculation Condition' of sum({<TRANS_ID={29},PRODUCT_NAME={'C-BAND'}>}) U_CAPACITY) <> 0 , and edit the 'Error Message' to something sensible like 'Oops, you're not worthy!' 🙂
  2. In the Presentation tab, in the Max field 'catch the exception' with an if statement and assign a fake, non-zero max value instead. if(sum({<TRANS_ID={29},PRODUCT_NAME={'C-BAND'}>}) U_CAPACITY) = 0, 1, sum({<TRANS_ID={29},PRODUCT_NAME={'C-BAND'}>}) U_CAPACITY))
  3. Set the Max to the global max for the corresponding data subset by adding {1} into the set expression. sum({ 1 <TRANS_ID={29},PRODUCT_NAME={'C-BAND'}>}) U_CAPACITY)