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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Problem storing QVW file (Qlik Desktop and Qlikview Server)


We have 2 diferente servers with Qlikview server April 2020 Sr3 and Qlikview Desktop 12.50. One of them was installed a feew days ago to replace the old one. Every month qlikview run a process to cosolidate historial information in a single qvw, this file size is over 27 GB.

On the old server, the process runs without problems, RAM resources and CPU goes to 100% but it works fine and system stores qvw without problems. in the new machine this process takes the same time when it runs on Qlikview desktop but the problem occurs when we try to store this qvw file becase it stops on 2GB and information is not stored completely.  Additionally if the qlikview administration console is open, it closes when trying to record the  qvw  file even while saving operation is processed by qlikview desktop.

The new machine has 180GB of disk free space and the old one has only 55GB.

Attached to this message you can see the machine resources and their differences are locaten on windows server version because the new one has Windows Server 2019 and the old one has Windows Server 2008.

When this new server are storing the and ends this storing process

Somebody can help me?   


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Contributor II
Contributor II

Then we get a license lease and after that we can open the document directly from the server with the desktop application. But this is a really poor use case, as not all useres have the hardware a server has, and so they cant open the file on their machines.