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Contributor II
Contributor II

Problem to Script execute the macro - macro to export sheets as image

hi everyone, I'm having an issue with Qlikview where my project have some sheets and I need that in the execution of my script, it execute the macro of my project where my macro will export an image of each one fom my sheets.

on my macro I have de code and te macro execute when I go Through the sheets.

the export function is working but is doesn't run when I execute the script.

can anyone help me??

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Master III
Master III

You have to call the activate method of the sheet



set newsheet=ActiveDocument.CreateSheet

set sp=newsheet.GetProperties


newsheet.setProperties sp


Contributor II
Contributor II

Sorry for the late post, but I figured out a while ago.

The case the macro didn't execute properly was becuse I was using the type of view where I could see all the sheets.

When I unselected the option Show all sheets and objects in Security on Document's properties it all went fine.