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Contributor II
Contributor II

Problem using set analysis with alternate states


I use the following expression to calculate all incomming pallets that we received before the selected date.

=sum({$<%Date = {"<$(=min({$} %Date))"}, Year=, Quarter=, Month=, Week= >}IN)

This is working perfectly, but now want to integrate this graph into a different report and therefore I have to use an alternate state.

But after this the formula doesn't seem to work anymore.  Who can tell me what I'm doing wrong?

My new formule after alternate state (=StateB) :

=sum({StateB<%Date = {"<StateB(=min({StateB} %Date))"}, Year=, Quarter=, Month=, Week= >}IN)

My result is always 0.

1 Solution

Accepted Solutions

Try this

=Sum({StateB<%Date = {"<$(=Min({StateB} %Date))"}, Year=, Quarter=, Month=, Week= >}IN)

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Try this

=Sum({StateB<%Date = {"<$(=Min({StateB} %Date))"}, Year=, Quarter=, Month=, Week= >}IN)