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Problem with Full Accumulation

I'm having trouble getting my chart to display cumulative values. Currently I have three expressions,

1) ACTUALS: which contains values for months 1-4,

2) FORECASTS: which contains values for months 5-12, and

3) PLAN: which contains values for months 1-12.

I want to show the cumulative values for ACTUALS, but have it include the FORECAST values after month 5.


Example Chart: Without Full Accumulation


Example Chart: With Full Accumulation

Every time I use full accumulation it flat lines ACTUALS after APR. How can I incorporate all three expressions so the chart reads something like the following.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I'm not sure if you get it with the inbuilt accumulation. I think you will need more an direct cummulative-expression with rangesum() and above() like: Re: Rangesum Above not working

- Marcus


Can you share a sample and provide a expected output.



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Attached is some example data that I am working with. I am using three expressions within QlikView,

1) Actuals: Sum({1<[Metric]={'Metric 1'}>} [Actual])

2) Forecast: Sum({1<[Metric]={'Metric 1'}>} [Forecast])

3) Plan: Sum({1<[Metric]={'Metric 1'}>} [Plan])

I have the actuals to show either green if better than plan, or red if worse. For forecasts, I want them conditionally grey. The end result should be something similar to the following.

example graph.png

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