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Problem with Pie chart expression for Duplicate set of values

Hello Guys,

I encountered with a scenario where

IF the vendor number is different against the same vendor name than that is a duplicate vendor not when it displays against the same vendor number ;And if vendor name repeats one time with different vendor number than in pie chart it will display under the category 1 and if it repeats more one time than it will displayed as >1 Duplicate Vendor.

So, Final output for the given scenario have to be

Against 1 Duplicate record : 1

Against >1 Duplicate Record : 2

I am attaching the Excel here for this scenario and QVD .

Thanks is advance , any help is appreciated.

1 Reply

I think in your current scenario, all three Vendors are associated with multiple Vendor Numbers


But may be try like this


=Aggr(If(Count(DISTINCT [Vendor Number]) = 1,1,0),[Vendor Name])


Count(DISTINCT [Vendor Name])