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Problem with Shared Objects - not showing up for some users

Hello all,

I have one issue that I think is a bug of QlikView although it should be corrected by now.

We have an object that is a container with 5 list box. This object is shared with a list of users.

Those objects were created and shared by User1.

For some reason I cannot explain, this container it is only showing 4 list box for some users while for other users it is showing 5 list box.

An exact list would be:

Container showing 5 list box - no problem:






Container showing 4 list box only - with problem:




It is not a segregation problem because in the exact problem User 8 has the same access to data that User1 has. And User7 has the same data access User3,User4 and User5 have.

One last detail. user8 has said that when User1 has QlikView open (does not need to have the same application opened) the container shows all 5 list box.

All the Users are using QV 11.20.12852.0 SR11.


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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

We are seeing the same issue on 11.2 SR9.  Wondering if you have upgraded to the latest SR release and if that fixed the issue.