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Contributor II
Contributor II

Problem with stacking in a grid chart

Hey guys! Not sure If I put this post in the right place, but here we go:

I have a problem with stacking (bubbles in my grid chart are stacking on each other, which means I can not see some nodes in the chart (because they are hidden behind under other bubbles)). How do you usually solve these issues in qlikview? With some kind of dynamic x-axis thing? Or add an additional dimension?

I have been thinking about using pie charts as nodes in the grid chart, but the problem is that there are multiple units that have the same value of x and y-axis, which would make the pie chart hard and unclear to understand.

Anyway, how do you solve stacking in qlikview? Are there any smooth solutions? Or is this just a limitation you have to live with when using grid chart?

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Choose a style with small dots as symbols. [Style – Look]

Increase the size of the symbols. [Presentation – Representation – Symbol Size]

Remove the force 0 option for both the axis. [Axes – X-axis/Y-axis – Forced 0]

Use a logarithmic scale on the x-axis. [Axes – X-axis – Log Scale]

Turn on grid lines. [Axes – X-axis/Y-axis – Show Grid]