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Project status updates


is it possible to let Qlikview check clicking through month and month if a Project is new, opened or was closed in a month?

I have tried with monthyear where startmonth = monthyear, but then it would only show what was started and not what was finished.

If I try to load both Dates as "Startmonth" and "Endmonth" and open ones as in between, it will only return the startmonth...

Is there a trick?

Kind Regards,


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Create a linktable between your calendar table (that contains YearMonth values) and your project definitions table (that contains StartMonth and EndMonth fields).

The linktable should contain three fields:

  • YearMonth to link to your calendar
  • ProjectID to link to your project definitions table
  • CalendarType = three values: 'Started', ''Stopped', 'Started+Stopped'

Starting from your Projects table, you load information in successive steps into this LinkTable:

  • Load Project Start Date in YearMonth format as YearMonth, with ProjectID and a fixed value of 'Started' in CalendarType
  • Add for all Projects that have been terminated a row with Project End Date as YearMonth, with ProjectID and a fixed value of 'Stopped' as CalendarType
  • Concatenate this table onto itself, but now change the CalendarType of all new rows to 'Started+Stopped'

Use this table in your UI objects. Add a listbox with CalendarType and enable 'Always one selected'.



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Hi Peter,

that was very helpful thank you. Now Qlikview pulls all data correctly, except from the open Projects, which should be "new"-"closed" + previous months...