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QDS Logs reading; QV is not able to read ']' while reading a file path

Hi All,

I am using QV12 and I am trying to read QDS logs. Few of my task names over QMC are like "Data Model_ [357] CMS distance to network"

While I read tasklog.txt for this task, I am getting below error. I feel that QV is not able to read closing read ']' sqauare bracket.

See the error:

Cannot open file '\QDS\1\Log\20170204\074201 - Data Model_ [357 CMS distance to network\TaskLog.txt' The system cannot find the path specified.

Note: you can see in above error: ']' is missing in path.


  @1 as Timestamp,

  @2 as Type,

  @3 as Text,

  FROM [\QDS\1\Log\20170204\074201 - Data Model_ [357] CMS distance to network\TaskLog.txt] (txt, utf8, no labels, delimiter is '\t', msq);

Note: you can see in above path: ']' is available in path.

Please flash your ideas to fix this. Many thanks!!

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