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Contributor II
Contributor II

QLIKview calendor object

HI all,

I have one calendar object  and one list box was there.

If i select on listbox then, selected  value was showing in the calendar object .

If i click on clear button then in the calandor object it should show todays date.

How can i achive in qlikview?


Thanks in advance


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Right-click on a slider/calendar object and the Slider/Calendar Object: Object Menu will be displayed. It can also be accessed from the Object menu, when the slider/calendar object is the active object. My Ascension

Contributor II
Contributor II

Calendar object? Havent used it. Anyway in general if you choose date that has no rows in fact table then Qlik doesn't show any values. Also what's closest valid date? In you pick tuesday and there's order in monday and wednesday then what's closest? One principle of Qlik is the power of gray, meaning that when you make a selection Qlik shows what's not included, in this cases all order customers would be gray.

You can go around this. For example you can make calendar from order fact table using only valid dates, then only valid dates are shown in calendar object. This is bad idea because making calendar from fact is bad idea. It's slow and leaves holes to calendar but it would solve this problem. Faster would be making all needed date dimensions straight to fact table out of order date, still suffers from holes in calendar and isn't elegant solution.

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