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QV10 SR2 BUG: Dynamic image in Scatter chart does not work


Does anybody else experiences same problem?

Following recent upgrade to QV10SR2 on server, we've encountered to following bug: Frame's background of Scatter chart with dynamic image set to call google static map, failed to render an image:

error loading image

This is the same map with QV10 SR1:

error loading image

This behavior applies to Desktop as well as AJAX clients

It is important to note that this bugs affects several of our clients so we would appreciate a quick solution.


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Hi Dror,

you may try to change the overall transparency of the frame background.

We had the same problem and we solved it by changing the overall transparency of the frame background from 100% to 0%. It seems like this property was not applied to static/dynamic image backgrounds before QV 10 SR2, thus it did not have any effect on them before this release, but it does now!


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Thanks Gabriele! Now it works Big Smile