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Partner - Creator

QV12 Batch Reload QMC task, QVW Opens but does not reload.

I have a Qlikview document I need to batch reload because of a PostReload action that is required to dynamically rebuild a bookmark daily. I want to use a Supporting task to execute this batch process as other tasks are dependent on it's completion. I have fully tested the batch process and it executes properly when the .bat file is execute from a DOS prompt.

When I execute this .bat file using QMC Supporting Tasks the QVW opens and then it saves and closes with out a reload.   

call "C:\Progra~1\Qlikview\qv.exe" /r "E:\QlikView\Development\Databases\QB3_JBA2SAP_Consolidated_Sales_Database_NeedFamily_Re_Assignment.qvw"

I have encountered many obstacles along the way relative to new security protocols in QV12. At first the batch reload using Supporting Task would just fail. I made sure all the document settings allowed external execution and allowed Admin Security Override but was unable to execute the task until I set the QVB setting.ini to AllowExecuteCommand=1. I'm now able to execute the reload but it still only opens the document and then saves the document (Document Log Below).   

Next I changed the distribution services .config file to EnableBatchMode=true and the same behavior still exists.

<add key="EnableBatchMode" value="true"/>

I could use a few new idea's to resolve this issue.

Any help is appreciated.

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With the help of William Britt from Qlik support I was able to resolve this issue. QV12 has added security settings that are required before batch processing can occur.

First I added a new setting (AllowExecuteCommand=1) to the QVB setting.ini located at C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikViewBatch\. Until I added this setting I could not execute the QVW using a DOS batch command line execution. Once I added the setting I was able to execute the QVW but the document would not reload. It would open and then close skipping the reload step.

Next I changed the C:\Program Files\QlikView\Distribution Service\QVDistributionServices.exe.config and modified  <add key="EnableBatchMode" value="true"/>  setting the values to true. After making this setting change the behavior did not change but it was a recommended setting change. Again I was able to execute the QVW however the reload task was still not executed.

The final resolution was to change a user specific C:\Users\specific_user\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView\Settings.ini. I added a new setting to the file EnableBnfReload=0 as directed by William Britt and this finally resolved the issue.

I'm now able to execute command line batch .BAT process using the QMC Supporting Task and also Windows Task Scheduler.

I hope this will help someone in the future.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

I have faced the similar issue. Trying to generate the excel extract(xlsx format) of some the chart from Qlikview Macro on PostReload through external program(.bat file). The extract works fine manually and on double click of the .bat file too. But it fails when scheduled from QMC(like it generate the excel extract but the file is blank). I have tried to implement your above solution but could not find the 2nd file in server(QVDistributionServices.exe.config). Please help .
Former Employee
Former Employee

The following Support Article Link should help explain things for this use case:

Not all triggers run via Scheduled Task


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Partner - Contributor


We have other QV macros ,which are running fine on post reload when triggered through QMC. Is there anything we can change in our macro to resolve the issue?

We have also tried putting a button which will be clicked after reloading the document automatically. Same issue persists.

Any other suggestion if any one can give, we can try and see if that works.