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Contributor III
Contributor III

QVT - value on data points , legends ,sort order

Is there any way we can add sort order , value on data  points,legends  in qvt itself so that when we upload the qvt file, on the chart in shows data in sorted order(like jan ,feb ,march or likewise data which we want to be displayed in sort order ) and there is value on data points, legends are there.?

Is there any way to implement this as I am trying to built a configuration file ?.So the idea is when I upload qvt on a chart I should get that chart in sorted order and value on data point , legends also should be displayed .

As I was only able to add text font , size color in qvt but I am looking to add value on data point , legends and sort order .

How to implement this in qvt itself.

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Please don't post duplicate discussions: Qlikview QVT - Sort order ,legends and value on data point?

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When you create a theme file for an object you can choose which features to save. The options you're asking about aren't part of the theme file. You can try to create charts and apply the settings you want. Then save these in a document that you use as repository. You can then copy the charts from your repository document to the qlikview documents where you need them and modify them to work with the data model of the target document.

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