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QVW wont save because it runs out of memory even when i reduce data?


I have a strange issue where my qvw will load up data no problem, all the the objects show data and nothing says out of memory. If i try to save it the computer uses all 8GB of RAM and eventually gives me an out of memory exception and closes the program with no saved qvw. If i reduce the data completely, it will manage to save successfully although it still uses all 8GB to do so. I have tried saving on a 32GB server with data and it still uses all 32GB and crashes. When the qvw is simply open with data in it my RAM is at about 70% used, saving shoots it up to 100% in a matter of seconds.

My environment:

Qlikview Desktop x64 v11 SR1
Windows 7 x64


Intel i5 4 cores

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Check if you have a lot of $Syn Tables

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When looking at the table viewer there are no $Syn tables. could the relationship structure still cause memory hangups without $syn tables? also, I believe it might be an object or multiple objects causing the issue however the on that has the highest calc time is just a simple table object with no calculated dimensions so i cant figure out how to pinpoint the problem.

Thanks for the quick suggestion, I actually didn't check that first, but unfortunately it is not the problem =(

Contributor III
Contributor III

if the object have relationships from multiple tables, it could be