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Creator III
Creator III

QlikMaps extension

Hi All,

I am trying to create a heat map using the polygon maps provided in QLikMaps extensions for QlikView. I want a map of the USA, where the sum of sales is the measure. The color should be darker for the state withe the highest sale and vice versa.

Need to know what all i require here (For example, latitude, longitude,etc) for the heat map?

Also, what should be the dimension, boundary/path, fill color?

Thanks for the help!

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In Branch you have examples of QlikView using Google Maps. Since recently, you need an API key from Google, there is no way to run it without it (you can still run several queries for free but the account needs to be set up).


Qlik Branch


You have a very nice example app where you can see how each map is configured.

Thanks to Renato for his excellent job