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QlikOCX Control Problem !!!


I would like to use QlikOCX Control Component in C# Windows Form (VS 2010)

I add QlikOCX item correctly but when i drag and drop the component to form, i recieve a message below there:

Any idea about this problem

(OS: Win7, 64bit)

Thanks in advance...

error loading image

Thanks in advance...

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Creator III
Creator III


For register QlikOCX in windows7 64 bits go ...

good luck, Luis

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It may be a problem of bitness: if I'm not mistaken the QlikOCX component only exists in 32 bits version and thus cannot be used from a 64 bits application. Be sure to set the target platform of your project as "x64".

Also I don't know if it is still the case in VS2010 but there was bugs in previous version when referencing COM components. You can try to close visual studio, delete the bin and obj folders of your project, and run VS again to reference your component.

Hope this helps.