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Contributor III
Contributor III

QlikView 12.30 SR3 Where Exists() performance penalty

We recently upgraded to QlikView Desktop/Server v12.30 (November 2018) SR3, and have noticed immediately that a small number of reload tasks have increased x3 in duration (with no script changes).

After further investigation the problem seems to be when using a Where Exists([FieldName]) clause on a non-optimised QVD load.  Has anyone else come across this?  Is it a bug in 12.30 SR3?

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Former Employee
Former Employee

James, I believe we are working something similar already, but if possible, if you could go ahead and submit a support case as well and reference Jira case QV-18169, that should help us link things up.  What would be ideal is if you have a QVW and QVD(s) you could get us where we could run things in the old and new versions ourselves and see the delta, as with that, it should be pretty easy to get things looked into at that point.  It could be a scaled back version of things too if need be, just would want enough of a gap such that the engineers would see there is a problem...  Shout if you have questions, I will be around tomorrow yet, but then I am taking some time off and will be out a week or so.  Hopefully this makes sense and thanks for shouting.


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