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Contributor II
Contributor II

QlikView 12 exceeded maximum number document recoveries

Using Free QlikView 12 PE.

I got this message "QlikView 12 exceeded maximum number document recoveries".

Once I get this message I can not even open the .qvw files created by my on my own computer.

Is this the standard behavior? If yes, that's weird.

I understand that you don't allow me to see .qvw created by someone else. But stopping me to use my own files ....  

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Yes, that is standard behavior after you recovered four documents and consumed all recovery attempts. And no, that's not weird. It is part of the PE behavior that you can only open documents that you didn't create yourself four times. After that, no more recoveries. However, you can still create new documents if you want.

See here: Personal Edition FAQs

Note: QlikView Desktop warns you during each recovery attempt. Did you close those dialogs without reading the message?

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Peter,

I have read the FAQ and am familiar with it. My point is that such standard behaviour is objectionable.

As said earlier, I have no objection if you do not allow me to recover more than 4 "external" .qvw files. But not allowing to open my own files is not done.

Hope you get the point I am making and also take up this matter with QlikView management / officials as customer feedback. If you do and QlikView listens good.

Regards -- Cyrus