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QlikView: Alignment of a wide reference line seems not to be centered


I have a reference line that I have made 7px wide. When I see it appear in my chart it 'looks' like the ref line is 'off to the right'. It should be centered halfway between the 7 and 9.

I believe that the initial 1px is used to show this '8'-value and the additional 6pxs are 'glued' to the right. Therefore creating the optical illusion that the whole ref line is offset.

Anyone who knows if I can 'align=center' this wide reference line, so it will select the '4th px' (the middle) to be centered to the 8, halfway between the 7 and 9? 


The blue line represents the center of the thick reference line. The human eye will not 'score' the value to be exact 8. Therefore a wide reference line should be centered by default or the middle position should be calculated and used to show the position of the measured '8'.

Thanks for any ideas!

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