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QlikView OCX in Visual Studio, problem showing single objects (using ObjectID)


I'm testing out use of the QlikView OCX embedded in a Windows Forms application with C# in Visual Studio 2008. I'm basically trying to do the same as shown in a demo video from the SDK installed with QV Server 9.

I'm able to show a complete QVW application in my WinForms app, but when I try to add a specific object from that QVW app (CH15), I only see a messsage in the object placeholder saying that "CH15 could not be opened, Double click to refresh".

I have made a complete installation of the QlikView OCX ver 9 SR1, registered the OCX as spcified in the reference manual.

Any ideas why I'm not able to recreate the same result as in the demo video?

Thanks in advance.

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could you post the code you use to create the sheet object ?

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First I tried exactly the same as in the video demo, just typing the DocName and ObjectID into the properties of the control.
This worked for the full application (ObjectID empty), but not for a control with the ObjectID set to the value of a chart in the application.
The control itself was dragged from the Toolbox and onto the form, just as other controls and as shown in the video demo.

I also tried the following code in my MainForm Shown event:

this.axQlikOCX1.DocName = "c:\\tmp\\NonConformities.qvw";

this.axQlikOCX2.ObjectID = "CH15";

The result was exactly the same.

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CH15 is not the full ID of your object

set it to "Document\CH15" instead of just "CH15", it should work

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That works, thanks!

Not very accurate demo then.
This syntax is not documented in the OCX reference guide either, as far as I can see.

The manual refers to a "fuller tutorials targeting C# and Office Integration" on page 19, although I have not been able to find these tutorials.

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you'll soon discover that a lot of the OCX features are not documented enough, not documented at all, or wrongly documented

good luck