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QlikView. Working with Excel

I have the following piece of code in Qlik to see:

"Remove (Row, RowCnd (Interval, Pos (Higher, 2), Pos (Bottom, 1), Select (1, 0)))"

Can someone explain to me more or less what you are doing please, could it be converted into SQL format?

Forgiveness is attached to the complete QlikView table:





(ooxml, explicit labels, table is Worksheet, filters(

Remove(Row, RowCnd(Interval, Pos(Top, 2), Pos(Bottom, 1), Select(1, 0)))



LET vPeriodOfDate = if(MID(PEEK('@5',0,'Aux1'),10,2)=MID(PEEK('@5',0,'Aux1'),25,2),MID(PEEK('@5',0,'Aux1'),10,2),'Differents Months');

LET vYearOfDate = if(MID(PEEK('@5',0,'Aux1'),13,4)=MID(PEEK('@5',0,'Aux1'),28,4),MID(PEEK('@5',0,'Aux1'),15,2),'Differents Years');


When I refer to SQL format, I mean if I have a database, could I do something similar? In plan: a Select * from (x table). Where to apply the mentioned condition

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Provided the ODBC/OLE DB driver you are using can interpret your SQL commands properly, you can pretty much write a full SQL Query in the QlikView Script Editor and run things...

The Help is pretty sparse, but really things are just limited by what the SQL driver you are using will translate etc.  Hope this is what you needed to move forward here.

Almost forgot, you may need the Help on the Connect strings:

One last link that may be the most helpful:


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