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QlikView error codes and interaction with the command line

Hello everybody !

I'm trying to get, through the command line, a way to see if QlikView execution (reload of the data dashboard refresh...) is successfull.
However, it seems that, whatever result the execution has, it displays the same %ERRORLEVEL% in command line.

In other words, i would like to know if, through the Windows command line, it's feasible to get the result of QlikView "Qv.exe /R....".... to manage errors and this kind of things....

Thanks and have a nice day !!

best regards

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One option for you would be to set "Generate Logfile" in the document properties. This way, your qvw file will generate a log file in same directory. Then after comman is executed, you can scan logfile for keywords like "Error:", etc (suing find DOS command, or something like that).

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Master II


like the idea from Rakesh above we have built a small application in QV, which reads all logfiles for errors. Thus you have an overview of successful reload of all applications in a nutshell.



would you kindly share your app with the QlikCommunity?


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Thanks Rakesh, i'(ve thought about the log option.

However, does QV provide a way to avoid popup?

It seems to me that "set ErrorMode" allows to avoid popup but is there a way to automatically load previous values, to avoid hanging ...
Indeed, generally, when there's an error in the script, QV asks, through a popup, if we want to reload the previous data... Does QV give a way to avoid it (for instance, in the script you choose if you automatically load previous ones or not (similar to set errorMode...)

Thanks !!!!

Thanks 😉

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Master II

Hi all,

attached please find the application, in the first part it scans through certain files (you may determine some parameters in

the script. In the second part it loads an overview on users and file-access, the third part loads an xls with some file-descriptions.

Have Fun

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Thanks a lot peter!

But does anyone know if QV provides a way to auto-reload old data without being asked thru a popup ? (which is a blocking step for a back office automation)...


QlikView's way of reloading data is "Publisher". If you purchased at least a Server, you can reload your documents using the Publisher Standard Edition and get a full-fledged Logging functionality, with alert e-mails and all 9 yards of monitoring.

Command line execution is considered outdated, and therefore is not being further developed.

just my two cents,


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Franck,

Could you please let me know if you have received any answer to the above question.

We are currently looking into something similar.