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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

QlikView language plugin for Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text is my favorite editor - and I use it for QlikView load scripts and externally stored expressions for quite some time now.

Gradually my QlikView language plugin took a form so now I would like to introduce it to community.

Here is a snippet from qlikview-components highlighted by plugin.

Feel free to place bugs and feature requests on project's github issue tracker.

Post updated by: Vadim Tsushko. Links updated to current project location

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

For container structure - in Sublime you can open directories - so you would get project structure mirroring directory structure (that's easiest way).

Also you can use `Projects` feature in Sublime

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CAn I use this for Qlik Sense editing?

many thanks


Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

You can. At least we use it in our Sense projects nowadays.

It make sense if you use QlikView Deployment Framework (as we do) or something like this and keep all your scripts safe in external qvs files.

With QDF our typical Sense ETL module's (say SampleEtl) load script looks somewhat like that:

SET vG.RootContainer = 'SampleProject';

SET vG.HomeContainer = '2.Transformation';



Then actual logic is in SampleEtl.qvs script, that we edit in Sublime.

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Hi Vadim,

This is a very good plugin. It has eased most of the debugging and analysis time.



Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello Vadim,

this Plugin is great work and I really love working with it, thank you for developing!

Nevertheless there is a problem with reformatting log-Files. It is not working with the log files my QlikView creates. Is it possible that it's because of the different time formats (Russian vs. Middle Europe)?

Thank you very much in advance!


Creator III
Creator III

Dear Vadim,

Your plugin works like a charm, thank you!

One question: 

In QS script editor, when you point on function and press Ctrl + H, it will redirect you to the help url on

is it possible to have something like this in your plugin?