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Qlikview 12 Nov 2017 timeout settings


I just wanted to share something I found during my server upgrade from 12.10 SR6 to the Nov 2017 edition.

I have a publisher reload on a big document that does a loop and reduce to generate a dashboard per customer.

That process ended in error where the number of documents generated varied. The task error log was telling me that the connection with the QVS was lost. But it certainly was not the case at a service level.

So looking through the release notes I came upon a mention about changed timeoutsettings that are set outside of the QMC.

  <!-- Timeout in seconds when communicating with QVS -->

    <add key="SocketTimeOutInSeconds" value="60"/>

It was mentioned for the webserver config file. I now find out that that setting also applies to the QDS config file. The distribution / generation of a file just took longer than 60 seconds and then it just ended. Hopefully this insight helps others as I have seen some posts around this here and there.

Kind regards

Johan Breukelaar

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