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Qlikview 12 - Server Upgrade

Hey Guys,

I'm planning for upgrade from Qlikview 11.2 SR12 to Qlikview 12.x, looking forward quick inputs from experts!

  1. Is this upgrade cause redevelopment efforts in the existing application? If yes then what kind of?
  2. What kind of risk are involve in this upgrade activity?
  3. Precautions has to be taken

Also, Wonder why Qlik is releasing next SR for 11.2 and 12.x simultaneously?  Isn't that confusing customer?



2 Replies

Based only on personal experience, I would recommend going to QV v12.10 SR4.

If you are using ApplyMaps with concatenation in the table name, that is currently broken (scheduled to be fixed in v12.20) (example:  ApplyMap( FromCurrency & 'ExchangeTo' & ToCurrency, SalesValue)

Otherwise, the only things we noticed were some cosmetic differences (fonts, object borders/outlines, some object size differences).

Note that we installed v12 on a new server and not on top of our existing v11.20 SR9 installation because we were also upgrading windows server version and making major changes to most of our apps at the same time (not something I would recommend).

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Sounds really informative John, also do you find any specific reason why Qlik is realising next SR's for 11.2 and 12.x simultaneously?