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Creator III
Creator III

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Hi All,

I want to know whether there is any template for storing Kpi information like( table used, expression used etc).



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Creator III
Creator III


We are using an excel template for managing variables and Expressions. PSB for Templet

Title          Variable Name     Expression     Status     KPIName

callcount     vCcount               count(call)       Include     Calls


What I have done for KPIs in the past is to store them in a spreadsheet.  This lists:

KPI Short Name

KPI Description

KPI Expression

RAG Boundaries (Upper Red, Upper Amber, Low Amber, Low Red)

This can then be loaded in and each of the KPIs displayed, either in a text box or plotted against time or a dimension.

The simplest way to then pull out the KPI to display is via variables.  For instance, you could have your KPIs in a list box with Only One Selected value on, then set up variables to retrieve the values.

For instance vKPIExpression set up as:

=Only([KPI Expression])

If you want to have multiple expressions on the screen at the same time you can set up variables with parameters, so vKPIExpressionByName as:

=minstring({<[KPI Short Name]={'$1'}>}[KPI Expression])

Which can then be called as vKPIExpressionByName(Conversion Rate)

Things can get a bit fiddly with quotations in expressions, and parameters into variables can also need a bit of tweaking, but this should point you in the right direction.



Master III
Master III

You can use Rob Wonderlick's document analyser to get all this details of your application.