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Qlikview - Edit Background Color for All Expressions at Once

My dashboard has 40 sheets, each with its own pivot table including 10-30 expressions per pivot table. I am trying to do a mass color edit. Is it possible to loop through all of these with a macro do change the color background for each expression? The goal is to get the subtotals in all pivot tables to be a particular color.

I am currently using this function in the color background under expressions.

IF(ColumnNo() = 0, 

     RGB(141, 180, 226))

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Master II
Master II

This thread contains a macro that colors the backgrounds of all dimensions in a chart. Maybe you can modify it for expressions. You would need to add a loop to get all charts instead of just the one.

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I already solved it.

Sub ChangeColors

set allValues = ActiveDocument.Fields("Variable").GetPossibleValues

msgbox allValues.Count

For i=6 to allValues.Count-1

    set testing = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(allValues.Item(i).Text + " Pivot").GetProperties.Expressions '.Item(0).Data.ExpressionDat



    msgbox allValues.Item(i).Text + " Pivot"


    expressionCount = testing.count - 1


    For iteration = 0 to expressionCount

        testing.Item(iteration).Item(0).Data.AttributeExpressions.BkgColorExp.Definition.v = "$(Subtotal_Blue)" ' $(Subtotal_Blue)= IF(ColumnNo() = 0, RGB(141, 180, 226)



    ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(allValues.Item(i).Text + " Pivot").SetProperties testing