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Qlikview Server SSL config

Hi Guys,

I have been facing a weird issue in configuring the SSL for Qlikview webserver.


Server: Windows 2012 R2

Installation : QVWS without IIS - IIS cannot be installed.

SSL cert: Imported into Personal and Trusted Cert store

QMC configured to use https with port 443. Tried updating config xml and still does not work.

Issue: SSL port binding fails while issuing command - netsh http add sslcert - with error 1312 - A specified logon session does not exists.

Able to access QMC but access point over https/http is not accessible after changing the port to 443.

Tried out all other options, with no clue as to what I am missing or where the issue is.

Requesting the community assistance at the earliest to have the server up and running.

Thank you!

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi amarkrishnasamy

I think that the certificate doesnt have an private key associated,check the link below:

SSL Certificate add failed, Error: 1312 | IT Blog

Try to create an new certificate with private key and try to bind again.