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Qlikview - Set Analysis in If Statement

I've in database thow player with same Player_N but with data of creation distinct.

But when I select the Player_N the qlikview return the Player_Name null because it see two different names.

How can I use the following code to obtain only the name of the player which have the last date of Database?

=if(len(Player_N & ' - ' & Player_Name) = 0, '-', Player_N & ' - ' & ({MAX(DATE)} Player_Name))


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Try something like this:

FirstSortedValue(Player_Name, -DATE)

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Thanks Sunny T!

But it still gives me null value


Is it possible that you might have multiple names on the max(DATE)?

Try if this works:

FirstSortedValue(DISTINCT Player_Name, -DATE)

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It doesn't allow the distinct keyword

I'm thinkg if isn't better use a set analysis expression to search for the Max(Date). What your opinion?

Thanks for helo