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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlikview custom dimension


im using an expression as my dimension for my bar chart.

i have two data sources in my app, A & B. both have a time/date field, a line number and a description.

they are both connected via the "order number", so i am displaying the max(order number) as my dimension

what i want to do is have the label for each of my lines display the max description for the line based on the most recent data entry from either source.

however im having an issue what the correct syntax would be to display this.

currently i have 

=if(len(PROCESS) > 0,PROCESS & ' ' & NAME,
if( _flag > 0, LINE ID & ' ' & TASK NAME))

the flag catches the most recent TASK NAME for the line, as their can be multiple per ordernumber, this is working correctly. 

process and name are in source A, whereas line ID and TASK NAME are source B.

however my bar chart is only displaying the line information for source A, even though there is a later time/date field in source B.

would i need to include a compare of the time/date in the above? 


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