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Qlikview datamodel problem

Hi Everyone,

I have a question , I want to show sales vs Quotas of sales persons.

I have two tables

1-Sales [ Period, Sales Person, Brand , Sales Amount]

2-Quotas [Period,Sales Person, Brand ,Quota]

I created a common key  based on Period, Sales Person, Brand such as Period-Sales Person- Brand and so far everything works ok.

My problem is, when I create this key, only records with matching Ids are shown and not matching Ids are not calculated

for Ex: Quota table creates 100 ids but Sales table creates 80 id (un sold /brands)

When I created a pivot out of this, both Quota and Sales Amounts are empty for the user how hasn't sold that brand yet.

I have searched on the site but all Examples I found are based on 1-1 Id matches.

Thanks omer

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Hi Omer

Has sample information

Master II
Master II

It is pretty good to understand your issue if you provide sample data.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


Try to load both the Sales and the Quotas on the same table, using concatenate load. Doing this, you can use Period, Sales Person and Brand as dimensions and Sales Amount and Quota in expressions.


Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


You can concatenate the 2 tables.

Muthukumar Pandiyan
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Hi Everyone ,

Eduardo's and Muthukumar's reply about concatenating two tables worked . Thanks for your help.

Appricated this.