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Qualify and unqualify

Can someone explain to me the purpose of the Qualify and Unqualify



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Hello Kelly,

What qualify does is to prefix all fields from one table with the name of the table, so all possible relations and links between both will not be performed, as QlikView does that when two fields have the same name.

Should you want to prefix all your fields with the table name, but you want to keep their relations, you may use

unqualify FieldName;
to prevent "FieldName" to be prefixed.

Hope that helps

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"Qualify", qualifies a field name with the table name. "Unqualify" does not. The purpose is to avoid create relations between field name with the same names that otherwise is done automatically in QlikView.


Field "Name" in table "Customer" will connect to field "Name" in table "Supplier" if none of them are qualified.

If Qualify is used the field names will be "Customer.Name" and "Supplier.Name" instead an no relation will automatically be created.

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Partner - Specialist II


very helpfull for all key fields is to use a special prefix, p.e. %Keyfield1, %Keyfield2, ... Than you can qualify all fields and unqualify those beginning with %:

Qualify *;

Unqualify '%*';