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Question - using a macro to export data to an excel spreadsheet

Hi everyone

I have a request to export a report to an excel spreadsheet. The department asking would like to press a button in QlikView where a report would be run for all companies in the application and exported to a specific folder. I have never tried any macros in the version we are running which is 8.5 and was wondering if it could be done without running a macro.

If I could get a hint on how to start with a macro or a smart way to use QlikView to export, this would be great (I heard the pdf module could be the answer but am not sure)

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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Creator II
Creator II


With the below macro you can export the report to pdf ( it's the QlikviewPDF printer which you can download from QT)




"RP01", "QlikViewPDF"

end sub

it's sending RP01 to the QlikviewPDF printer, showing a popup menu where to save the report.

Also have a look at the api guide ( it's in the Qlikview folder : Documentation, here there is a lot of script available.




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Dear Jeanne,

I have clients who need to create reports in Excel from QlikView documents as well. They're using an app which seems pretty solid. It lets you create excel templates into which you drag and drop fields from the qlik document. No macros required.

The website is:

and you can download a free trial here: