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RAM consumption problem

Hi Friends,

               In QV server we have 16 GB RAM.when i am checking "Task Manager"Performance it is showing >14GB usage when i am reloading QVW file.and also CPU usage is also increasing more than 90%


              At this time our ACCESS POINT shows error "No Connection".users are not accessing our Reports published in Management Console.

In advance Thankful  to your help.

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

HI ,

I recommend to invest in a publisher license and separate server and publisher from the same machine. But you probably can found a lot of workaround like reload during the nigth, rebuild the application or simple don´t use parallel reload EnableParallelReload=0.


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You are running on the limit from the Server, so you need more RAM or have to manage the Application / Reloads you have.

During Reload it is normal that CPU goes up to 100% for short times. If you run more than one it could come to issues like this. You can uncheck some CPUs in the QMC to be left over for the system.