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RE: Set Analysis in Pivot Table with Partial Sums

Hi all,

I have a pivot table with the following dimensions....

branch, div, manager, pname and loanno

The expressions calculate principle and interest.

I have partial sums turned on for branch, div, manager, pname. This works great, but i would like to calculate the numbers of loans for each dimension within the partial sums labels. here is a sample of the code in the Manager dimensions partial sums total label....

='Totals by '& Manager & ' Loans : ' & Sum ({$*Branch*Div*Manager}LoanCounter)

I want to get all the loans for the manager without selecting the manager field in the pivot table....I am getting the # of loans for all the managers

I just want to expand the pivot table and have the # of loans show in each partial sums label for each field respectively. Hope this makes sense.



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