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Reference Dates common calender.

Hi All,

I have 6 diff SQL querrys whuch m clubbing w.r.t a single primary key,

the desired o/p requires one common calender, all this querries have diff reference dates

Hw can i club all the dates and give a common calender for them...

its a humble request to help me urgently....

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Hi Prashant,

Find attached file..

Hope it will help you..



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you can use master calendar..

Please explain your scenario with some example for better understand your problem.



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For all 6 difference sql, you want to make common calender on the basis of diff reference dates,

then in qlikview for each  reference dates give the same field name, then you can easily make the common calender.


for first reference date--    refferencedate as calender

for second reference date-- refferencedate as calender



hope this helps you.



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Thnks Viswa and Mohit,

i hav already prepared the data model with a common key and then hw can i link to a common calender then,.....

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m attaching a dummy app

contains 3 source sheets Mfg, Sales, Demands
3 dates MfgDate, SalesDate, Demanddate

reason for comondate is,
User wants 3 diff tabs in qvw viz. Mfg,Sales,Demands

if user clicks on 3rd jan 2013 in Mfg tab,
at the same time he should see the reflexes in the other tabs

as if wht happende on 3rd jan, wht ws manufactured wht was sold and demand recd.
in diff sheets in diff charts

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Please send some suggestions.

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See the attached doc.

For a simple data model you can concatenate the 3 tables in to 1 and link the calendar of the date field. Create flags to identify each table.

If you wish not to concatenate the tables then use the link table approach.

Hope this helps

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I cant concatenate the tables, can u throw some light on link table option, is it the defined calender date to be linked with the other dates.

i hav already defined data model, then hw can i do tht...

// the task which i have got is to prepare a copy of a 6 web portals sheets in one single report

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hw to link thm.....