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Reference line Doubt

I have a bar chart....where the expression I am showing is in %'s....the heighest  % is 40%.....I want a reference line at 56.5%.....Under refrence line % is not enabling.....how can I get reference line at 56.5%..........

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Percentile reference lines are only available in scatter charts, but to get a reference line at 56.5% you should set 0.565 as your expression.


Increase the maximum of your scale to something higher than 40%. You can change this on the Axes tab by checking Static Max and filling in for example 0.6 (i.e. 60%)

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Johan...Thankyou....My expression is count() and I am using relative to show in %'s, So I assigned count()=0.565 I got a reference line in chart but its at 0 level......

Gysbert...Thankyou...I incresesd scale to 60% but I am not understanding how the expression for reference line should be....

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Ok..I got it...I just gave =.565 as expression its working.....