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Refresh Problem

We have developed a QVW file that uploads 5 Excel spreadsheets. One file contains the start date-time and end date-time data in approximately 20 columns. We then compute the duration between two columns - start and end date-time, and display the duration in various Pie charts or Stacked charts in several different tabs. We have added a "Clear All Selections" button that clears all the filters. We have placed three charts in one container. We noticed that when you click on the Clear button few times, two stacked charts completely disappear. It displays blank. Then we have to click on the "Clear" button again and then the charts are displayed. When you click the "Clear' button again, the charts disaapear.

Does anyone know why this happens? There are no dynamic updates.

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Check your data model may be the fields that you calculate comes from different table and when you clear all that time some calculation going on then the chart is not display try to take out from the container the charts and then check. And also check there is lot of number of rows in the chart then use SET analysis in the expression if you not use that one.

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Hi Anand,

Thanks for your quick response. In the bar chart the maximum limit of the X-Axis was computed dynamically. I replaced the computation with a static numerical value. It seemed to work. Removing charts from the "Container" seems to resolve too, but have not tested it. There are 1500 rows. I did not use SET analysis. Good suggestion. I am not a Qlik programmer. As the requirements to display various graphs incrreased, I kept using lots of expressions to compute the plots and table.