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Creator II
Creator II

Relate Tables (Multiple Tables)

I need help getting a column of data from one table into another table, through third table.

The end result is I need the data from 'Site' in the Audits table to be listed in the Audit Findings table.

Here's the background:

  • Audits are created with an 'AU-" number. Some Audits have Audit Findings with an "AUF-" number. The "AUF-" is connected to the "AU-" in the relationship tables.
  • The Audit Finding links to the Audit Finding Relationship table with the ID. AUF-00002 lists AU-00002 as the 'Finding Rel Obj Name'. AU-00002 lists Vista as the 'Site'.
  • I need to list Vista as the 'Site' in AUF-00002 (So I can then create a chart showing Audit Findings Per Site") 

I've tried using Mapping, Left Joins, etc but can't seem to get it.

Any help is appreciated.

The QVW is attached.



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