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Reload error when using log generation and parameters initialisation

Hi Community,

I'm seeking your help to solve a big QlikView Server Problem.

When creating a reload task using publisher I initialise the value of a variable using "Script Parameters". I also activated the log genration option on my QlikView app. When I reload the application from server I get an error message on the server but the qvw is well reloaded. Now the problem is that the task that are scheduled upon success of the previous one won't be launched.

I don't know if this is a bug of my Qlik Server or an issue of configuration.

Thank you very much for all your answers,

PS : I'm using the November 2017 version

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You are highlighting the fact that you set a variable using "Script Parameters". Does that variable exist in your document? Does the task execute if you don't initialise that particular variable from the outside?

And first and foremost: does the TaskLog contain anything at all that refers to this execution error?