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Creator III
Creator III

Reload on External event or file?

My company does not have Publisher, we use the built in options in Management Console. Is there a way in Published that you can reload a report based on external events or files completing that are not related to QV? I am trying to see what other options there are for reloading our reports, or if there is any reason Publisher would come in handy actually.

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By Using EDX Trigger we can call the Qlikview task out side of the Qlikview.

We can create the .bat file to reload the Qlikivew files and we can call this .bat files in the AUTOSYS jobs

Creator III
Creator III

I am not sure I understand any of that. I do not know what EDX Trigger, can you explain any of this further?

What is so worth paying for Publisher then? What can it do that is even worth the extra money?

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EDX is Event Driven Execution , please refer to these QlikCommunity Resources for further details


I'd suggest you get a QlikView Reseller to demo what Publisher can [or cannot] do for you.

I personally like Publisher and believe it deliver values.  Other people have different opinions.

Best Regards,     Bill


Hi Jeremy

You can execute Qlikview task using  command line externally with the help of EDX trigger.

Please refer this link :-

braathen/qv-edx-trigger · GitHub



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There is a more or less easy way to start a reload by starting QlikView form the command line.

You can use it for example in a .bat file and do some scripting around it or use a task schedulrer.

The QlikView command line invocation can be described by the following syntax:

[ path ]Qv.exe[ { switch } documentfile ]

The path is the path to the file, either absolute, or relative to the current directory.

documentfile::= [ path ] documentfilename

documentfilename is the name of the document file.

switch is used to mark different options:


Reload switch. The document will be opened and the script reloaded. Thereafter the document will be saved,

and QlikView will close itself.

The above is from the reference manual where you can find some more info.

Hope it helps.