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Contributor II
Contributor II

Reload returns different data

Dear community,

I faced such a problem: after a reload of a model numbers in my table are changing (without changing a script or initial data). Each reload provides different numbers, but deviation is in range +- 0.05 (seems like something happens with round()).

I am loading data from 2 tables on SQL server and Qlik is joining them on 1 field:


select Key, debit, credit, ...., .... from X;


select Key, mapping and configuration fields, ... from Y;

Debit and credit are in decimal(n, 2) format. Number of records is about 10 mil.

What could be the problem? I am really going mad how predefined algorithm on a same data provides different result.

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This post may help understand the issue you are seeing Rounding Errors

Perhaps the answer may be to store the values as integer cents/pence rather than as a decimal(n,2).