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Contributor II

Restricting Selection in a pivot table

Hi All,

I have a pivot table which has 2 dimensions suppose A,B and expression sum(Amount).

B has been pivoted and dragged upwards so that each value in B becomes a column.

Now suppose B has values : Jan,feb mar.

So jan will be a column in the pivot table.

Now suppose dimension A has 10 values hence pivot table will have 10 rows of which 5 rows values should be clickable and remaining 5 rows values should not be clickable.

Is this possible?


Jatin Kolhe.

2 Replies

I think you will have to share a sample here to better understand what you are trying to do. From reading it, it doesn't seem possible, but there might be a work around available


You want to always show 5 dimension values, regardless of user selections, and the other 5 should react on user selections?

This should be possible using set analysis, maybe something like this (Val1 to Val5 listing the elements you want to show all the time):

=Sum({<A += {Val1,Val2,Val3,Val4,Val5}>} Amount)

But remember that you are essentially making selections in both dimensions when clicking a pivot table cell.

So you might want to disregard selections in B:

=Sum({<A += {Val1,Val2,Val3,Val4,Val5}, B= >} Amount)

Also this will only affect the chart itself, so the selections will still affect all other objects.