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Risk analysis document regarding Qlikview Installation

Hi All,

I have installed Qlikview Server 11  on "production server "at the clients side.

They created a new id with non expiry password.

The id is a member of local "Administrators" and "QvAdministrator" group.

Now their IT Team wants to remove the id from "Administrators" group which was used for installation.

As per my knowledge, if we remove the id from "Administrators" group it will create a problem and qlikview wont work.

So now the client's IT Team wants a document containing the risks related to "removal of id from administrators group".

If they accept the document, then they will allow that id to be in "Administrators" group.

Is there any risk analysis document available ?

Please Help......

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See here

This document explain workarounds only to be used in special circumstances and will only work with default Windows installations without any global policies and/or customized lockdowns. QlikView Server services are designed to run as local Administrator.

And anything else will not be supported by QlikTech as far as I know. But if you want to be sure, contact your Qlikview Support supplier for a statement.

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Many many thanks Gysbert for your help.

I have one more question.

I have installed the qv server with id "A" which has administrative rights at the time of installation.

After installation if they remove it from the "Administrator" group, what will be the effect ?

Also they are giving us a id "B" which will have administrative rights to start /stop services.

So after successfully completing the installation of qv server with id "A" and then removing "A" from "Administrator" group, can qlikview work properly with id "B" that will be used for starting / stopping service ?

Even after installation, does the ID has to be the member of "Administrator" group or can it be removed ?

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Please reply and help me.