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Round() delivers interesting results

Hey guys!

I'am quite new to qlikview and I have a question about the round function.

I did use the search funktion but did not find any topic that ansers my question:

I want a simple rounding at the second position after decimal point, like:

round(1.009, 0.01) = 1.01

round(1.001, 0.01) = 1.00

round(1.00595489468, 0.01) = 1.01

so far so good, BUT why does the funktion return the following:


I expect the result to be 1.01

Why does it round down?


round(93012.374,0.01 )= 93012.369999

I expect the result to be 93012.37

Why is it not rounded?

What do I understand wrong?

I need the funktion to work like this:

everything lower 4 round DOWN

everything higher 5 and 5 round UP

I finally need a number rounded with two positions after decimal point to store it in a QVD File. 

Thank you for your help!


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Creator III