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SAP Offsetting Account

Dear All,

I am facing an issue for offsetting account in SAP.

As per requirement I have to prepare a treasury report, offsetting account wise.

like Bank account, description, account type. That is possible in SAP with the help of function module GET_GKONT.

But it is not been stored as table in SAP & no connecter for Function module, so we can’t fetch it in Qlikview.

Logic for Offsetting account in SAP function module;

Function module(GET_GKONT) to be run, pass the field value BELNR, BUKRS, BUZEI, GJHAR, (GKNKZ=3),

then get the value of field GKONT. i.e. Offsetting account of that line item, to be generated as report in SAP.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Did you solve it ?